Phoenix, AZ – As the weekend approaches, the Phoenix metropolitan area gears up for a whirlwind of excitement with a lineup of events that promise to captivate residents and visitors alike. From the adrenaline-pumping action of Monster Jam to the intense showdowns of the Suns playoffs and the soothing melodies of the Scottsdale Jazz Festival, … Read more

Pauly Shore is very sad Richard Simmons doesn’t like his Richard Simmons movie

In a surprising turn of events, Hollywood funnyman Pauly Shore has found himself at the center of a peculiar controversy, stemming from none other than fitness guru Richard Simmons. Shore, known for his quirky humor and unique style, recently expressed his disappointment at Simmons’ disapproval of his portrayal in an upcoming movie about the iconic … Read more

Jelly Roll, T-Pain pair for cover of Toby Keith’s ‘Should’ve Been A Cowboy’ at Stagecoach

In a stunning collaboration that bridged the genres of country and hip-hop, Jelly Roll and T-Pain captivated audiences at the iconic Stagecoach Music Festival with their rendition of Toby Keith’s classic hit, “Should’ve Been A Cowboy.” The unexpected pairing took the stage by storm, showcasing the transformative power of music to unite diverse audiences and … Read more

‘Unsung Hero’ Review: The Family That Prays Together, Plays Together in Uplifting Faith-Based Biopic

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Netflix Unveils Comedy Featurette for Beverly Hills Cop – Axel F Sequel

In a nostalgic wave that has swept over entertainment enthusiasts worldwide, Netflix recently dropped a comedic featurette for the highly anticipated sequel to the iconic Beverly Hills Cop franchise, aptly titled “Beverly Hills Cop – Axel F.” This release has sparked a frenzy of excitement among fans who have been eagerly awaiting the return of … Read more

Poppy Harlow Exits CNN After Morning Show Cancellation

In a surprising turn of events, Poppy Harlow bids farewell to CNN following the cancellation of the network’s morning show. The departure of the seasoned journalist has sparked speculation and reflection within the media industry, prompting questions about the evolving landscape of broadcast journalism and the future of morning programming. Harlow, known for her incisive … Read more

Poppy Harlow to Exit CNN

In the world of broadcast journalism, certain figures become synonymous with the networks they represent. Poppy Harlow, a seasoned journalist and familiar face on CNN, is one such figure. With her insightful reporting, empathetic interviewing style, and unwavering commitment to journalistic integrity, Harlow has carved out a distinguished career at the forefront of news media. … Read more