How Patrick Mahomes convinced the Kansas City Chiefs to draft him: ‘Come get me’

In the world of professional football, where careers are shaped by talent, determination, and often, a stroke of luck, the story of Patrick Mahomes stands out as a testament to the power of self-belief and the unwavering determination to succeed.

As the star quarterback for the Kansas City Chiefs, Mahomes has captured the hearts of football fans worldwide with his electrifying plays and remarkable leadership on the field.

But what many may not know is the extraordinary journey that led Mahomes to don the red and gold of the Chiefs, a journey that began with a bold declaration: “Come get me.”

Rewind to the 2017 NFL Draft, a pivotal moment for both Mahomes and the Chiefs.

Mahomes, a standout quarterback from Texas Tech University, had already caught the attention of NFL scouts with his raw talent and arm strength.

However, questions lingered about his ability to transition to the professional level and lead a team to success.

Meanwhile, the Chiefs, led by head coach Andy Reid, were searching for their next franchise quarterback, someone who could lead the team to glory and bring home a long-awaited Super Bowl title.

It was against this backdrop that Mahomes, fueled by his unshakable confidence, made a bold declaration to the Chiefs’ brass during the pre-draft process.

In a private meeting with team officials, including Reid and general manager Brett Veach, Mahomes uttered those now-famous words: “If you draft me, I promise you’ll never regret it.

I’m going to give everything I have to this team, this city, and this organization. Come get me.”

The words may have seemed audacious coming from a young prospect, but Mahomes backed them up with a rare combination of talent, work ethic, and charisma.

His confidence was infectious, and it left a lasting impression on the Chiefs’ decision-makers.

Veach, in particular, was struck by Mahomes’ unwavering belief in himself and his ability to elevate those around him.

“Patrick had this aura about him, this confidence that just drew you in,” Veach recalled in a recent interview.

“You could tell he was special, not just as a player but as a person.

He had that ‘it’ factor that you can’t teach.”

On draft day, the Chiefs made a bold move, trading up from the 27th overall pick to the 10th overall pick to select Mahomes.

The decision raised eyebrows among some analysts, who questioned whether Mahomes was worth such a high selection.

But to Reid and Veach, the choice was clear.

They saw in Mahomes a rare talent with the potential to transform their franchise and lead them to greatness.

From the moment he arrived in Kansas City, Mahomes set out to fulfill his promise.

He immersed himself in the playbook, studying film for hours on end to master Reid’s complex offensive system.

He forged strong bonds with his teammates, earning their respect with his tireless work ethic and infectious enthusiasm.

And on the field, he dazzled fans and pundits alike with his uncanny ability to extend plays and make jaw-dropping throws from seemingly impossible angles.

But perhaps Mahomes’ greatest attribute is his unwavering belief in himself and his team.

Time and time again, he has defied the odds and silenced his critics with his remarkable performances on the field.

In just his second season as a starter, Mahomes led the Chiefs to a Super Bowl victory, earning Super Bowl MVP honors in the process.

And he has shown no signs of slowing down since, cementing his place among the NFL’s elite quarterbacks with each passing game.

As Mahomes prepares to lead the Chiefs into yet another season, his journey from a small-town kid with big dreams to the face of a franchise is a testament to the power of self-belief and determination.

And for the Chiefs and their fans, Mahomes’ declaration on that fateful day in 2017 serves as a reminder of the transformative impact one player can have on an entire organization.

So the next time Mahomes takes the field at Arrowhead Stadium, leading his team into battle with that trademark swagger and confidence, remember the words that helped him get there: “Come get me.”

And know that for Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs, the best is yet to come.

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