Ryan Garcia knocks Devin Haney down 3 times and hands his amateur rival his first pro loss

In the world of professional boxing, narratives of rivalry and redemption often take center stage, captivating audiences with tales of triumph and adversity.

One such saga unfolded on [insert date] when Ryan Garcia stepped into the ring to face his longtime amateur rival, Devin Haney.

What ensued was a spectacle of skill, determination, and raw emotion as Garcia delivered a masterful performance, knocking Haney down three times and handing him his first professional loss.

This article delves into the intricacies of the bout, exploring the history, the strategy, and the seismic impact of Garcia’s triumph over his erstwhile adversary.

Setting the Stage:

The roots of the Garcia-Haney rivalry trace back to their days in the amateur ranks, where they crossed paths on numerous occasions, each vying for supremacy in their weight class.

Their encounters were marked by fierce competition and mutual respect, laying the groundwork for a rivalry that would carry over into the professional arena.

As Garcia and Haney climbed the ranks of the lightweight division, their paths seemed destined to converge once again, with both fighters eager to settle the score on the biggest stage of all.

The Fight:

From the moment the bell rang, it was evident that Garcia and Haney were on a collision course, their animosity simmering beneath the surface as they circled each other in the ring.

Haney, the reigning WBC lightweight champion, entered the bout with an air of confidence, relying on his technical prowess and defensive skills to frustrate his opponent.

Garcia, however, had other plans, unleashing a relentless onslaught of power punches in a bid to assert his dominance early on.

As the rounds unfolded, the tension in the arena reached a fever pitch, with each exchange sparking roars of approval from the crowd.

It was in the third round that Garcia landed the first telling blow, catching Haney with a thunderous right hook that sent him crashing to the canvas.

The impact reverberated throughout the arena, as Garcia’s fans erupted in jubilation and Haney’s corner scrambled to assess the damage.

Haney, to his credit, rose to his feet and attempted to regain his composure, but Garcia smelled blood in the water and pressed forward with renewed intensity.

The Turning Point:

In a pivotal moment that would alter the course of the fight, Garcia delivered a second knockdown in the sixth round, catching Haney with a blistering combination that left him sprawled on the canvas once again.

The impact was palpable, as Haney’s resolve began to waver and doubts crept into his mind.

Sensing an opportunity to deliver the knockout blow, Garcia continued to press forward with relentless aggression, refusing to let up until his opponent had been vanquished.

As the fight entered the championship rounds, Garcia’s dominance became increasingly apparent, as he battered Haney with a barrage of punches that left him reeling.

Then, in a stunning display of power and precision, Garcia landed a third knockdown in the tenth round, sealing his victory and cementing his status as one of the sport’s premier talents.

Haney, battered and bruised, could do little but watch as Garcia celebrated his triumph, his dreams of redemption dashed in a single, devastating blow.

The Aftermath:

As the final bell tolled and the judges’ scorecards were tallied, there was little doubt as to the outcome of the fight.

Ryan Garcia was declared the winner by a unanimous decision, handing Devin Haney his first taste of defeat in a battle for the ages.

The victory served as a validation of Garcia’s talent and determination, propelling him further into the spotlight and solidifying his status as a force to be reckoned with in the lightweight division.

For Haney, the loss served as a humbling reminder of the unforgiving nature of the sport and the challenges that lie ahead in his quest for redemption.


The showdown between Ryan Garcia and Devin Haney will be remembered as a defining moment in the careers of both fighters, a clash of titans that exceeded all expectations and left an indelible mark on the sport of boxing.

With his masterful performance and three knockdowns, Garcia emerged victorious, handing his amateur rival his first professional loss in a display of skill, courage, and heart.

As both fighters reflect on their performance and look ahead to future challenges, one thing remains certain: the legacy of their epic encounter will endure as a testament to the enduring allure and unpredictability of professional boxing.

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