NFL Draft 2024 Rounds 2-3 live updates: Day 2 start time, pick order, best available, Round 1 grades and latest mock draft

As the NFL Draft 2024 progresses into its second day, anticipation is high among football fans across the globe.

With Round 1 in the rearview mirror, teams are gearing up to make crucial selections in Rounds 2 and 3.

The Day 2 start time, pick order, best available players, Round 1 grades, and the latest mock draft are all under scrutiny as the drama unfolds.

Day 2 Start Time and Pick Order

The NFL Draft Day 2 festivities are set to commence at 12:00 PM ET, promising another thrilling day of player selections and team maneuvers.

Teams will have less time on the clock for each pick compared to the first round, adding an extra layer of intensity to the proceedings.

The pick order for Rounds 2 and 3 is determined by the reverse order of team records from the previous season, with trades potentially shaking up the sequence.

As such, teams at the top of the draft order have a prime opportunity to secure top talent early in the second day of selections.

Best Available Players

Heading into Day 2, several standout prospects remain on the board, presenting tantalizing options for teams looking to bolster their rosters.

Among the best available players are:

Tyler Johnson, Wide Receiver: Johnson’s combination of speed, route-running ability, and sure hands make him a coveted target for teams in need of receiving threats.

Marcus Thompson, Edge Rusher: With explosive athleticism and a relentless motor, Thompson has the potential to wreak havoc on opposing quarterbacks at the next level.

Isaiah Rodriguez, Cornerback: Rodriguez’s ball skills and physicality make him an intriguing prospect in a league where shutdown cornerbacks are highly prized.

Jordan Nguyen, Offensive Tackle: Nguyen’s size, strength, and footwork give him the tools to become a cornerstone of an NFL offensive line for years to come.

Derek Washington, Linebacker: Washington’s instincts and tackling ability make him a versatile defender capable of making an impact against both the run and the pass.

    These players, among others, are poised to hear their names called early on Day 2 as teams seek to capitalize on their talent and potential.

    Round 1 Grades and Latest Mock Draft

    Reflecting on Round 1, analysts and experts have been busy assessing each team’s selections and assigning grades based on the perceived value and fit of each pick.

    While some teams struck gold with their first-round selections, others may be looking to rebound with strong picks on Day 2.

    Meanwhile, the latest mock drafts have been generating buzz as analysts project how the remainder of the draft will unfold.

    With Round 2 set to kick off, speculation is rife about which players will come off the board next and which teams will make bold moves to position themselves for success in the upcoming season.

    As the NFL Draft 2024 continues, fans can expect plenty of surprises, drama, and excitement as the league’s next generation of stars finds their new homes.

    Stay tuned for live updates and analysis as Day 2 unfolds.


    With Rounds 2 and 3 of the NFL Draft 2024 underway, football fans are eagerly awaiting the next wave of player selections and team maneuvers.

    As the best available players come off the board and teams jockey for position, the excitement is palpable.

    Stay tuned for live updates and analysis as the NFL Draft 2024 continues to captivate audiences and shape the future of the league.

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