What happened to Robert Durst? The convicted killer died years before ‘The Jinx’ Part 2.

The enigmatic saga of Robert Durst has captivated audiences for years, culminating in the gripping documentary series “The Jinx.”

However, the latest developments in the Durst case have unveiled shocking truths, challenging the narrative presented in “The Jinx” Part 2.

As we delve into the life, crimes, and demise of Robert Durst, a complex tapestry of deception, murder, and unanswered questions emerges.

The Rise of Robert Durst: Robert Durst was born into wealth and privilege, heir to the Durst Organization, a New York City real estate empire.

Despite his privileged upbringing, Durst’s life was marked by tragedy and controversy from an early age.

The disappearance of his first wife, Kathleen McCormack Durst, in 1982, cast a shadow of suspicion over him—a shadow that would only grow darker with time.

The Allegations and Acquittals: Over the years, Durst found himself entangled in a web of suspicion and accusations surrounding the disappearance of Kathleen and the deaths of others connected to him.

Yet, despite mounting evidence and public scrutiny, Durst managed to evade conviction.

His wealth, influence, and a skilled legal defense team shielded him from the consequences of his actions, allowing him to walk free while the families of his alleged victims were left seeking justice.

“The Jinx” Revelation:

In 2015, the HBO documentary series “The Jinx” thrust Durst back into the spotlight, presenting compelling evidence against him in the murders of Kathleen McCormack Durst, Susan Berman, and Morris Black.

The shocking finale of “The Jinx” featured Durst seemingly confessing to the murders while unaware he was still being recorded.

This dramatic revelation appeared to be the climax of Durst’s story, but the truth was far from over.

The Aftermath:

Following the release of “The Jinx,” authorities in Los Angeles arrested Durst on charges related to the murder of Susan Berman.

The trial, which began in 2020, painted a damning picture of Durst’s involvement in Berman’s death. However, before a verdict could be reached, the unexpected occurred—Robert Durst died.

The Death of a Convicted Killer:

Contrary to popular belief, Robert Durst did not live to see the conclusion of his trial. In a surprising turn of events, Durst passed away in prison from natural causes, years before the legal proceedings against him reached a definitive resolution.

This unexpected twist left many questions unanswered and left behind a legacy tainted by suspicion and uncertainty.

The Legacy of Robert Durst:

The legacy of Robert Durst is a complex and controversial one. While some view him as a cunning manipulator who evaded justice until the end, others see him as a tragic figure whose life was marked by tragedy and mental illness.

Regardless of one’s perspective, the impact of Durst’s actions reverberates through the lives of those affected by his crimes.

The Unanswered Questions:

Even in death, Robert Durst leaves behind a trail of unanswered questions. What truly happened to Kathleen McCormack Durst?

Was Susan Berman’s murder orchestrated to silence her? And what role did Morris Black play in Durst’s tumultuous life?

These questions may never be fully answered, leaving the legacy of Robert Durst shrouded in mystery.


The saga of Robert Durst is a cautionary tale of wealth, power, and the limits of justice. Despite his wealth and privilege, Durst could not escape the consequences of his actions entirely.

However, his death before a final verdict was reached leaves the story of his crimes unfinished, leaving behind a legacy of intrigue and speculation that will continue to captivate audiences for years to come.

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