When in Malmö! Getting around the Host City

Malmö, the vibrant Swedish city located at the southern tip of the country, is a melting pot of culture, history, and modernity.

As the third-largest city in Sweden, Malmö offers visitors a rich tapestry of experiences, from its stunning architecture to its diverse culinary scene.

Navigating this dynamic city is a breeze, thanks to its efficient public transportation system, pedestrian-friendly streets, and plethora of options for getting around.

Whether you’re here for a short visit or an extended stay, here’s everything you need to know about exploring Malmö and making the most of your time in this charming host city.

Public Transportation: Your Ticket to Mobility

One of the most convenient and eco-friendly ways to explore Malmö is by utilizing its excellent public transportation network.

The backbone of Malmö’s transit system is its buses and trains, which are operated by Skånetrafiken, the regional public transportation authority.

Skånetrafiken provides extensive coverage throughout the city and its surrounding areas, making it easy to reach your desired destination.

Buses: Malmö’s bus network is comprehensive, with numerous routes crisscrossing the city and connecting it to neighboring towns and suburbs.

The buses are modern, comfortable, and equipped with amenities such as free Wi-Fi and wheelchair accessibility.

To plan your journey, simply consult Skånetrafiken’s website or mobile app, where you can find information on routes, schedules, and fares.


Malmö Central Station serves as a major transportation hub, connecting the city to destinations across Sweden and beyond.

From here, you can catch regional and long-distance trains operated by SJ (Swedish Railways) and other providers.

The Öresundståg, a regional train service, is particularly convenient for travel within the Skåne region, with frequent departures to nearby cities like Lund, Helsingborg, and Kristianstad.

Biking: Pedal Power in Malmö

For those who prefer a more active and sustainable mode of transportation, cycling is a popular option in Malmö.

The city boasts an extensive network of bike lanes and dedicated cycling paths, making it safe and convenient to explore on two wheels.

Several bike rental companies operate in Malmö, offering a range of rental options to suit your needs. Whether you’re cycling along the scenic waterfront or navigating the city’s charming streets, biking provides a unique and enjoyable way to experience Malmö.

Walking: Explore at Your Own Pace

Malmö is a walkable city, with many of its attractions located within close proximity to each other.

From the historic cobblestone streets of Gamla Staden (Old Town) to the modern promenades of Västra Hamnen (Western Harbor), there’s plenty to see and do on foot.

Take a leisurely stroll through picturesque parks like Kungsparken and Slottsparken, or wander along Lilla Torg, a bustling square lined with cafes, restaurants, and shops.

Walking not only allows you to soak in the city’s atmosphere at your own pace but also provides opportunities for serendipitous discoveries around every corner.

Other Transportation Options

In addition to public transportation, biking, and walking, there are several other ways to get around Malmö:


Taxis are readily available throughout the city, providing a convenient option for door-to-door transportation, especially during late hours or in areas not served by public transit.

Taxi companies in Malmö operate a fleet of modern vehicles and offer competitive rates.


Ride-sharing services like Uber are also available in Malmö, providing another convenient and flexible option for getting around the city.

Simply download the app, request a ride, and enjoy the convenience of door-to-door service at the touch of a button.


Malmö is situated on the coast, making it possible to explore the city from a different perspective by taking a ferry ride.

Ferries operate between Malmö and nearby destinations such as Copenhagen, Denmark, offering a scenic and enjoyable way to travel between the two cities.


Navigating the host city of Malmö is a breeze, thanks to its efficient public transportation system, pedestrian-friendly streets, and array of transportation options.

Whether you prefer the convenience of buses and trains, the flexibility of biking and walking, or the comfort of taxis and ride-sharing services, there’s a transportation mode to suit every traveler’s needs.

So go ahead, explore Malmö, and immerse yourself in all that this vibrant city has to offer!

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